'Man Of Steel' Trailer: 15 Gotta See Moments

Man of Steel

by Brett White

If you haven't seen the newest "Man of Steel" trailer, stop what you're doing right now and watch it. I'll wait for you.

Now that you've watched the trailer, I think you'll agree that it's by far the best one released for "Man of Steel." It's epic in scope and has a score that just won't quit. It feels like the modern Superman update we've been waiting for, and it appears to keep the heart of Superman intact. The trailer is also packed with moments worth savoring, so here are 15 moments you gotta see again.

» It looks like Krypton is being torn apart by war in the opening seconds of "Man of Steel." There are explosions, laser blasts, flying spaceships, it's all very intense.

» Here's a more peaceful shot of Krypton, complete with a weird alien dragonfly thing.

» Early rumors about "Man of Steel" involved an older Clark leaving Krypton, but this is very much a baby. Look at that baby!

» Here's Clark a few years older, understandably not dealing with the whole "we found you in a spaceship thing" well.

» Our first glimpse of Lois Lane in the trailer finds her investigating rumors of a super man running around the world, saving people...

» ...as shown in this image of Clark Kent fighting a collapsing structure in the middle of explosions.

» "Honey, we have visitors!"

» 3 Doors Down doesn't know who to bet on in a battle between Superman and the army. Both subjects inspire so many songs!

» General Zod pops up in the trailer wearing some very uncomfortable looking shackles.

» Kryptonian armor, in action!

» This is our only look at the character that could be Jenny Olsen. At this point it had better be, because a Superman film without an Olsen just seems wrong.

» The most violent interpretation of "meet you halfway" ever?

» They do know that Superman can definitely see through that two-way mirror, right?

» Lois Lane comes close to naming Superman, after he reveals that the 'S' on his chest is the Kryptonian symbol for hope. Here's hoping he actually does get christened in this film, preferably before the final shot.

» Superman punching people mid-flight. It doesn't get much better than that.

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