New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer Provides Hope

by Brett White

The third full-length "Man of Steel" trailer has arrived and man-oh-man does it deliver. Whereas previous trailers and TV spots have been criticized for being a bit to mopey, this one absolutely soars. Yes Clark Kent is angsty, being pulled in different directions by a father who wished him to be a champion of Earth and a father who wanted to protect him from Earth. Despite that, The tone of the entire 3-minute clip is entirely different. It's optimistic, almost triumphant. Hans Zimmer's score is the real star here, as it pushes "Man of Steel's" scope outward past the narrow moods of our first glimpses. It's percussive and epic. It's a theme that sounds like a theme. Is it sacrilege to say that John Williams finally has some competition here?

See and hear for yourself by checking out the full trailer.

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