A Year Of The Weekly Whedon

Joss Whedon

by Tami Katzoff (@tvtamijo)

The past year has been quite a celebratory one for Joss Whedon, and The Weekly Whedon has celebrated right along with him. Our first column was posted in May of 2012, just after "The Avengers" had its US premiere. Now, our final post follows Joss & Co.'s triumph at the MTV Movie Awards.

Since last spring we’ve spoken with many of the Whedonverse’s finest actors (Tom Lenk, Sean Maher, Alexis Denisof, Julie Benz, James Marsters, Adam Baldwin) and writer/producers (Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, Marti Noxon, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon, Jose Molina). We’ve followed Joss to San Diego Comic-Con to commemorate the 10th anniversary of "Firefly," and to Toronto for the world premiere of "Much Ado About Nothing." We’ve discussed "S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Dr. Horrible" and "Buffy," and we've "toured" Serenity with its designer, Carey Meyer.

Being present at the Movie Awards to congratulate Joss Whedon on his "Avengers" victory was one of the highlights of our year, and it's a perfect way to end our (almost) weekly adventures. We aren't going away completely -- there will be plenty of Whedon-related topics to address in the near future; we’ll just be doing it on a slightly less regular basis.

Until we meet again on Splash Page... let's all aim to misbehave!

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