'X-Men: Days Of The Future Past': Iceman Gets Tracked In New TwitPic

Shawn Ashmore

by Brett White

Now that filming for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has commenced, director Bryan Singer's Twitter feed has become even more lively. A few days ago the director tweeted the first image of Patrick Stewart as Professor X, which came after a Vine video of Ian McKellen and a makeup test of Nicholas Hoult as Beast. Now we can add Iceman to the ranks of previewed mutants.

Singer tweeted a picture of actor Shawn Ashmore undergoing preparation for the facial tracking that will enable Iceman to appear iced-up. Check out the full tweet and picture below.

The real question is whether or not Bobby Drake will sport a beard in the film. Will we get to see an icebeard? What little we can see of Iceman's uniform matches up nicely with Professor X's new look. It appears that the X-Men have updated their wardrobe to include fabrics other than black leather.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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