'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Ed Brubaker Calls Cap Sequel The 'Best Marvel Movie'

Captain America

by Brett White

Comic book writer Ed Brubaker was as surprised as the fans were when Marvel announced the title of 2014's Captain America sequel. The film's title, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," directly references Brubaker's work on the title and his biggest contribution to the Marvel Universe -- the return of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier.

Paste magazine caught up with Brubaker and found out just how involved he is with the film.

"It's definitely out of my hands," Brubaker says, laughing. "But no, I got to go out to Marvel Studios a couple months ago and read one of the later drafts of the script. I went out to dinner with [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] and talked about the project and gave them feedback on what I liked or didn't like or what parts didn't work. I mean, the script I read was [frick]ing fantastic. It was the best Marvel movie."

"Really, it's just that the Russos are fans of my comics and wanted me to come see what they were doing. I got to see the production art and stuff, which looks amazing. And I knew the screenwriters, I met them at the last Captain America movie and we kept in touch. I live in L.A. now and work here so I've seen those guys a little bit."

For fans worried that the film won't accurately adapt Brubaker and artist Steve Epting's take on Captain America, the writer offers some encouragement.

"It was really strange because [the script] feels like my comic while not really telling the same story as my comic. It's got moments here and there where I was like, 'hey, I wrote that.' But mostly, it's not what people think it's going to be. But the tone of it was so close to what [artist] Steve [Epting] and I were doing on that comic in the first few years, where it feels like an espionage story almost more than a superhero story [and] there's tons of action in it. I can't wait to see what they do with it."

Now that filming for "The Winter Soldier" is underway, Brubaker hopes to make it out to the set a few times.

"I'm going to get to go out to the set a couple of times during the filming. They requested if I could come out for one of [Robert] Redford's days because he’s an honorary Brubaker and I wanted to meet him. But yeah, I think I'm going to get to go out sometime during the last week of April for a day and then I'll be there for part of the filming in May. I'll get to watch some stuff. But really it's just the Russos and Kevin [Feige] being cool and letting me come to see stuff that I created get filmed. It's pretty awesome. But I wouldn't say I'm involved or anything. I'm not a consultant or anything like [Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael] Bendis was."

Brubaker adds that he hopes to score a cameo appearance in the sequel. "I hope I get one. But I don't know if I will. I requested to be hit in the face with the shield if possible, but we'll see."

Check out the full interview for an update on Brubaker's current noir series, "Fatale."

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