'Man Of Steel': See Faora In Full Armor


You've likely already seen the images from Entertainment Weekly's awesome Summer Movie Preview featuring "Man of Steel" front and center. The outlet has recently released the stills in high quality after they debuted in the magazine, giving fans a full look at Faora in her armor.

The villainous Kryptionian looks pretty intimidating in the outfit, which is fairly similar to the one we've seen Zod wearing. Both look a bit more protective than Superman's suit, though his whole indestructible body thing sort of makes up for that.


While the early days of "Man of Steel" marketing were all about setting up this new take on Superman, Zod came to the forefront in a badass TV spot that aired during the MTV Movie Awards. If you're not yet hyped for this upcoming Zack Snyder movie, this should do the trick.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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