Joss Whedon Reveals That 'Avengers 2' Might Be A 'Better Movie'

Avengers Movie Awards

by Brett White

Even if you caught all the "Avengers" goodness onstage at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, you'll be thrilled to know that there was even more going on backstage. MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke with the attending Avengers-family members Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Joss Whedon and Best Villain winner Tom Hiddleston moments after their big Movie of the Year win.

Whedon gave another update on the painstaking process of writing "Avengers 2," saying, "It's going well. "It is. I'm very excited about it. I think it might be a better movie."

How a film can be better than the movie just crowned MTV's Movie of the Year? We'll have to wait until 2015 to find out.

Hiddleston gave what was easily the most heartfelt speech of the night after being named Best Villain for his portrayal of Loki, thanking his passionate fans for rewarding him. "I'm so proud that he's been taken to the hearts, if that's the right word for a villain, of the audience and the fans. I'm really touched and really proud."

Chris Evans spoke about his very recent return to the Marvel Universe in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which recently started filming. "It's nice coming to work feeling genuinely excited," Evans told MTV. "It's such a good feeling going to work with people you know. It's like a high school reunion or something."

Of course the cast seemed shocked to learn that Robert Redford has joined the cast, which has to be an act considering that his role has been confirmed by the actor himself.

You can check out the full interviews with MTV's Josh Horowitz below.

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