Patrick Stewart Suits Up In New 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Photo


Old Man Xavier is about to stage a comeback — and he's got a brand new outfit just for the occasion!

As he's done with somewhat astonishing frequency over the last several weeks and months, director Bryan Singer has taken to Twitter once again to reveal new secrets about "X-Men: Days of Future Past," his first time directing an X-movie since "X2: X-Men United." This latest revelation is perhaps the greatest to date, too: Patrick Stewart back in action as Professor X.

That's definitely a new look for Chuck, who traditionally keeps things formal with a suit and tie, Justin Timberlake-style. The metallic shoulder-pads and the black leather suggests to us that the elder Xavier has found a costume of his own to fit in with his fellow fashion-forward mutants. Also, how much should we read into the fact that Xavier is … well … standing?

One last point to note: Singer describes his tweet as the "picture before [the] picture. Tomorrow it begins." As this was posted yesterday, that makes tomorrow … today! Happy Day One of "Days of Future Past" Day!

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