'Man Of Steel': General Zod Delivers A Message In New TV Spot

by Brett White

It may not have much in the way of clear footage, but this new TV spot for "Man of Steel" still sheds a lot of light on the upcoming Superman film. The clip features an ominous, static-y image of General Zod wearing his alien helmet and giving Superman an ultimatum. The ultimatum threatens to put the people of Earth in harm's way, thus giving us a glimpse at Zod's master plan. Just judging by this threatening voice over alone, "Man of Steel" seems to have much more punching-potential than "Superman Returns." The spot also ditches the previous trailers' more contemplative and serious tone, switching that out for a creepier, more thrilling angle. I have to say, this is the clip that finally got me excited about "Man of Steel."

Check out General Zod's full message below.

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