'X-Men Days Of Future Past': Hello Cerebro!

Bryan Singer Cerebro

by Brett White

Bryan Singer does a pretty good job of keeping fans up to date on the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" production schedule, tweeting out casting announcements and rad videos of Ian McKellen winking. His latest tweet gives fans a glimpse at we can only assume is an old friend: Cerebro.

The director himself is shown outside of a spherical set, which we assume is Cerebro (a.k.a. the spherical set). The set piece is monstrous, just the right size to help telepathic mutants make contact with any mutant mind on Earth. We can also assume that this is the original trilogy Cerebro and not the more low-tech version shown in "X-Men: First Class." Unless, of course, Professor X and friends have made some upgrades in the decade that's passed in-universe since the last film.

Check out the full tweet below!


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