'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Is A 'Different Animal', Say Screenwriters

Captain America

by Brett White

Captain America's week keeps on getting better! A new interview from /Film with the screenwriters behind "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Thor: The Dark World" has brought a ton of new info about both films to light. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely previously wrote "Captain America: The First Avenger" before being brought in to polish "Thor: The Dark World" in addition to writing the "Captain America" sequel.

"Cap is much more about realism. They’re tonally quite different genres, almost, so things get a lot more way out in Thor so the chance of tonal overlap is pretty slim," says Markus.

Mc Feely adds, "It’ll feel like a different genre, we can say that. We’re very proud of the first one because it was our love letter, and Joe Johnston's love letter, to Indiana Jones, so it had that Forties vibe to it. This is much more of a modern conspiracy political thriller. So it's a fast ride. The action will fell commensurate. You’ll see Cap fight in a way that you have never seen before, or at least not for him. The DNA is the same, but the animal is different."

The duo related a different experience with "Thor: The Dark World," since they didn't write the first film. "We’re inheriting that story so we didn't come up with the story for Thor 2," says McFeely. "We just came in and said 'How can we tell this better and differently?'... We say 'Here's the problem Thor is dealing with. These are the people and this is the plot. How do we balance character and plot efficiently here?' And we do the same thing with Cap, but in that case we're just on it for much longer."

The topic of "Avengers 2" obviously came up, as it has to be the most anticipated film in Marvel's future.

"Kevin [Feige] is the dungeon master, so if there's something we really need to know, he'll tell us, but he doesn't steer us," says McFeely. "With rare exceptions does he say 'We can't do that because of this next movie.' More often than not he'll say 'Let's get this movie right and whatever falls out after that, we'll address in the next movie. We'll make sure that we don’t steer that movie in the wrong direction."

"And more often than not," Markus adds, "when you’re thinking of the movies as a whole, it's 'What do you want the state of the world to be when Avengers 2 kicks off?' It’s never like, Cap has to put down a brief case so the Hulk can pick it up. It’s never that specific. It’s sort of like, 'Where do you want loyalties to lie when that movie opens?'"

Sorry to all the fans out there waiting for the films to adapt the classic "Captain American and Hulk Briefcase Hand Off" story arc, but it looks like the individual Marvel films have a bit more autonomy in telling their own stories than one would assume for an intricately layered film franchise. And that's pretty cool.

[via Comic Book Movie]


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