'Dredd 3D' Returns With A Comic Book Sequel


A "Dredd 3D" sequel film might not be in the works, but the movie's story will still continue on in a different form. IGN got a confirmation from 2000 AD that a sequel will be coming out as a comic book in September.

Adi Shankar, who produced "Dredd 3D," teased back in March that he is working on a "Dredd" sequel short film. It's unclear if this comic will replace that or if they will somehow be tied together somehow. Regardless, it's awesome that the "Dredd 3D" story is continuing on in one way or another.

Check out the full sequel tease after the jump.


IGN speculates that there will be more information about this new comic leading into July's San Diego Comic-Con. The site also notes that 2000 AD released a prequel to "Dredd 3D" about Ma-Ma, so this new story will likely be in the same vein.


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