Captain America Is Our Hero Of The Week


by Brett White

When it comes down to which superhero got us the most pumped up this week, it surprisingly turned out to be the hero whose film won't come out for another year. But really, this was the week that "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" arrived. First official photo? New costume? Official synopsis? Video confirmation that the delightfully weird Batroc will be in the sequel? Yep, this was an exciting week to be a Captain America fan.

On one hand it's a shame that we have to wait a year for this excitement to really pay off. But on the other hand, we're about to embark on a lovely, yearlong courtship with the sequel. We still have a poster to look forward to, and more official set photos. There'll be delightful rumors about the film's plot and possible cameos. We have toys to look at (or play with...) and junior novelizations to read. And don't forget the trailers, TV spots, teasers, and teasers of teasers! As excited as we are about seeing Captain America in his next adventure, we're also excited about every single one of those things listed.

Here's a rundown of all the Captain America news from this week:

» First Official Image Shows Off Cap's Shields

It all began with this official release, giving us our first peek at the two shields Captain America has found himself caught between. The synopsis also confirmed that Emily VanCamp will indeed be playing Sharon Carter. It also revealed that, apparently, "Winter Soldier" will co-star Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. She's the only other hero to get a mention in the brief synopsis. The Winter Soldier doesn't even get a mention, and he's in the title of the film!

» Captain America And S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Comic Book History

We dug up the dirt on Cap's longtime relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D., his new employers come April 2014. The article also sheds light on Cap's other longtime relationship with Sharon Carter. Now that we know Emily VanCamp will be portraying Agent 13, will we get to see any of those plot points worked into the film? We have a year to speculate!

» Georges St-Pierre Grows Out His Hair For Batroc

Of all the Captain America villains to make their way into a feature film, Batroc had to be towards the middle of the list (and that's being generous). He's a deep-cut character who has his fair share of fans, but he's still a mustachioed French villain clad all in purple whose primary mode of attack is high kicking. He's a bit of a stretch, but one that we're very excited to see now that we've heard Georges St-Pierre talk about the character.

» 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Check Out Cap's New Duds

Fans seem to be strongly in favor of Captain America's new suit, which mixes his "First Avenger" look with his more recent Super-Soldier uniform. Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of Chris Evans all suited up and ready to rumble in the next few weeks.


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