RUMOR: Is Charlie Hunnam The Flash Or John Constantine?

Charlie Hunnam

by Brett White has a hunch that "Sons of Anarchy" and "Pacific Rim" actor Charlie Hunnam may be up for two very different roles from one company of characters. Those two roles? The Flash in "Justice League" and John Constantine in "Justice League Dark." An inside source has told that both director Guillermo Del Toro and Warner Bros. are very interested in working with the actor on approximately one million projects.

The "Justice League Dark" half of the rumor comes from the actor's relationship with director Guillermo Del Toro. Not only are the two paired up in this summer's "Pacific Rim," but they're going at it again in next year's "Crimson Peak." When you factor in the fact that Hunnam is both blonde and British (two things noticeably absent from Keanu Reeves' portrayal of the character in 2005's "Constantine"), it seems like the casting is destined to happen.

And if the Constantine casting seems like a shoe-in, take into account that the actor's likeness is reportedly being used in concept art for "Justice League," with the Flash looking an awful lot like Hunnam. Of course it could be that the concept artist is just a big fan of FX original programming, or it could be that the WB is super impressed with Hunnam's turn in "Pacific Rim" and wants him to stick around.

Of course all this will only matter if "Justice League" makes it to theaters. The film was initially sort of announced for 2015, and then got the "wait and see if 'Man of Steel' is a hit" order from high up before getting its script scrapped.

"Justice League Dark," or "Dark Universe," seems to have much more of a fighting chance. It has a passionate director attached and a screenplay being drafted; if "Pacific Rim" is a monster hit, I wouldn't be surprised if John Constantine and Friends gets the green light.

Heck, let's not rule out the actor landing both gigs. It's not yet clear whether or not DC is going the shared universe route that Marvel has. If they title the Constantine film "Dark Universe," the average person on the street wouldn't even know the film is connected to the DC Universe. It's possible that Hunnam could become a Chris Evans style double-dipper.

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