'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Description Leaked


by Brett White

It looks like we're pretty close to getting our first look at "Thor: The Dark World." Apparently a trailer for the Marvel movie was screened at the Disney Consumer Show in Mexico. Comic Book Movie has received the lowdown on the trailer from an unknown attendee, one who felt compelled to share the awesomeness that they were witness to.

Now's the point where I give a spoiler warning, and then ask myself if it's necessary to give spoiler warnings for a trailer. But who am I to tell you how to intake promotional materials for superhero movies?! If you want a detailed-ish description of the trailer, read ahead. If not, know that it exists and is most likely debuting in front of "Iron Man 3".

You ready?

It starts with a voiceover, is Thor, you see some scenes of a big battle and then Jane Foster and other humans running scared cause something is "coming". Thor says: "I promised I would return for you" as we see Thor arriving Earth to take Jane to Asgard.

Apparently the fight scenes are pretty awesome, and the trailer show that Thor is out of Malekith's league, in fact we can see a very damaged and tired God of Thunder. And since he's no match for the Dark Elve, the mighty Avenger will have to search for help. This lead us to a scene where we see a big crystal prision and there's someone sit on the ground. It's Loki.

Thor says: I need your help, but if you betray me…I will kill you. Loki smiles and answers: What do I have to do?

Then we see another scene of Thor figthing Malekith while Jane is watching. Malekith looks threatening. Jane looks terrified. Thor looks overwhelmed. Malekith stares at Jane and Thor yells: NOOOOO!

There you have it! Hopefully Loki's role alongside Thor is a bit more justified than this in either the trailer or film. If not, I guess Thor has never heard of the whole "fool me twice, shame on me" thing.


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