'Avengers' Villains The Chitauri To Make Marvel Debut In 'Nova' #4

Nova #4

by Brett White

The Chitauri, the aliens that the Avengers soundly defeated in last summer's "Marvel's the Avengers," will be making their Marvel Comics debut in the pages of "Nova" #4 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. Regardless of what you think of the invading legion of extraterrestrials, it's worth pointing out that they are bona fide nominees in the Best Fight category at this year's MTV Movie Awards. Sure it just says "Tom Hiddleston" on the ballot, but that's surely only because our human alphabet could not possibly handle the complexity of the Chitauri language.

The unlettered cover and preview pages for the issue can be seen below, as well as the solicitation copy for the issue.

The Chitauri have had a peculiar journey from the big screen to the comic page. The name "Chitauri" initially described the invading alien force in 2002's "The Ultimates," a series set in Marvel's Ultimate Universe as opposed to the long-running and main Marvel Universe (still with me?). The Chitauri were basically the Ultimate Universe's version of the the Marvel Universe's shape-shifting Skrulls. A version of the Skrulls were later introduced in the Ultimate Universe, thus making things kind of crowded in the shape-shifting alien department.

Early rumors surrounding "Marvel's the Avengers" pegged the Skrulls as the bad guys, but the instead got the Chitauri without their shape-shifting powers. But now the movie version of the Chitauri, who were named after the Ultimate version of the Skrulls before the Ultimate Universe got Skrulls, will now join the proper Marvel Universe. No word on whether or not the Chitauri will be connected to the Skrulls in the Marvel Universe as they are in the Ultimate Universe, but either way, my head hurts.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Nova #4, from the blockbuster team of Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness! The sold-out smash hit series continues as Nova finds himself smack dab in the middle of an intergalactic battlefront! Following his training, courtesy of the Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Gamora & Rocket Racoon, Nova comes face to face with THE CHIUTARI! But with questions still surrounding the disappearance of Sam’s dad, the very safety of the ENTIRE Marvel Universe hangs in the balance! With the first TWO issues selling out at Diamond, and going back to press with Nova #1 Second Printing Variant & Nova #2 Second Printing Variant, no fan can miss out on the series that has everyone raving!





And if that isn't enough Nova action for you, then check out this exclusive interview with the "Nova" creative team, courtesy of MTV Geek.

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