'Iron Man 3': Mandarin Offers Tony Stark A Choice In Exclusive Teaser

Iron Man 3

by Brett White

In addition to the spectacular line-up of celebrities and pulse-pounding categories, the 2013 MTV Movie Awards will contain never before seen footage of "Iron Man 3." As the film is still a few weeks away from its release date, the MTV Movie Awards are guaranteeing that you will get your needed dosage of Tony Stark action. To whet your appetite for this weekend's never before seen footage, check out the teaser below. The clip acts as a "greatest hits" montage of all the amazing "Iron Man 3" footage we've seen so far, and features a monologue from the Mandarin (oh, to hear new words said in Ben Kingsley's signature tone) wherein the bad guy gives Iron Man a choice.

That's a pretty tough choice, Mandarin, and I don't think Tony comes out ahead either way. I don't think your villainous plan is entirely fair!

Be sure to watch the 2013 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, April 14th at 9 p.m. ET to catch the never before seen "Iron Man 3" footage. And if you're a proud Iron Fanatic, be sure to vote for Iron Man and his fellow Avengers in these categories!

» Movie of the Year

» Best On-Screen Duo

» Best Fight

» Best Villain

» Best Hero


The 2013 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Rebel Wilson, air on Sunday, April 14th at 9/8c.

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