Black Panther To Appear In 'Avengers 2'?

Black Panther

by Brett White

Yesterday we reported that actor Morris Chestnut was "getting familiar" with the Marvel character Black Panther. That of course led to wild speculation that Chestnut knows something we don't know about Marvel's film plans (note: MTV Splash Page is incredibly guilty of wild speculation). The tweet has since been taken down, which is a classic "this is something no one should know yet" sign. Despite that, Chestnut delivered this chestnut today:

What's going on over there, Morris? I never would have expected Morris Chestnut's Twitter feed to be a hotbed of "Avengers 2" information, but that seems to be the case. I bet this tweet isn't long for this world, either, but it contains a lot of wisdom. It makes sense for Black Panther to debut in "Avengers 2" before getting a solo film, even if Chestnut isn't actually up for the part. It's possible he's preparing for an audition or meeting with the studio, hence the "getting familiar with" tweet from yesterday.

"Avengers 2" starts shooting early next year in the UK, so expect to see more cryptic tweets like this for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: Turns out Chestnut is not up for the Black Panther role, and the character's involvement in "Avengers 2" isn't a sure thing.

[via Comic Book Movie]


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