Beyond Hellboy: 7 Dark Horse Comics Ready For Film

Dark Horse

by Eddie Wright

Dark Horse Comics is pound for pound the best comics publisher in the world with super franchises like the "Hellboy" universe, "The Goon," the "Whedonverse," and "Star Wars" under its belt. They've also released Frank Miller's finest work (not published by Marvel or DC), and many new, cutting edge series and graphic novels. Dark Horse has more than proved its reputation as the biggest non-big two publisher, though it's yet to truly hit that Marvel movieverse or "Dark Knight" level of success at the multiplexes. The "Hellboy" flicks, "Sin City," "300," and "The Mask" were big but not BIG. And we'll pretend the Pam Anderson vehicle "Barb Wire" never happened.

There are a number of great Dark Horse titles in various states of production including "R.I.P.D.," "Mind MGMT," "The Goon," "Beasts of Burden," and others. Some of those could very well blow up the box office, if some of them ever get out of development and see the light of day. With news that "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola has firmly said that a third adventure with Red and the "B.P.R.D." is a no go at cinemas, we figured it'd be fun to compile a list of other Dark Horse Comics that might be ripe for adaptation.

The Massive

The Massive

Brian Wood's post-everything, environmental thriller asks the question, "Can you save a planet that's already doomed?" "The Massive" is a strong science fiction concept that is just a few degrees from our own reality. It might not have the mass appeal of "Marvel's The Avengers" but it could bring in the Clooney and Affleck crowd with its 70's-style political thriller feel.

Black Beetle

The Black Beetle

Francesco Francavilla's pulp hero oozes with that glorious noir goodness and is primed and ready for a cinematic adaptation. A Black Beetle film would be especially refreshing for those of us who still love superheroes, but might be suffering for a bit of Big Two fatigue.



This paranormal female superhero has been around for 20 years and has yet to have a real moment in the sun. But her profile is on the rise again, thanks to a great mini-series by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto. The concept of a ghost trying to uncover the secrets of her past is perfect for a flick, and we can all agree that the world needs way more heroic leading ladies on the big screen.


Alabaster: Wolves

Caitlín R. Kiernan's Dancy Flammarion is an albino monster hunter. If you tossed "Buffy" in a blender with Wim Wender's "Paris Texas" and "Winter's Bone," then you've got "Alabaster." This could easily fill the "Twilight" void at multiplexes, except it might actually be, ya know, good.



Peter Bagge's "Reset" -- about a miserable bastard who can relive pivotal moments in his life -- could be a Charlie Kaufman/Woody Allen-esque neurotic, cynical, sci-fi masterpiece in the right hands. Get Michel Gondry, Alexander Payne, David O' Russell, or Charlie Kaufman on this and we've got a new comedy classic.

Green River Killer

Green River Killer

David Fincher would kill on an adaptation of Jeff Jensen's biographical tale of his father's obsessive investigation of the Seattle serial muderer, The Green River Killer. This is one of the best graphic novels of the last few years, and is more than ready for the big screen treatment.



"Creepy" has been around since 1964 and now Dark Horse publishes new issues of the classic horror series. With "V/H/S" and "The ABC's of Death" bringing back the horror anthology, the world is ready for a new "Creepshow" or "Tales from the Crypt" style freak-out-fest. Just imagine a series of "Creepy" flicks with segments written and directed by horror icons and up-and-comers like John Carpenter, Guillermo del Toro, Ti West, Wes Craven, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, Joe Dante, and others! A horror hound's delight, I say.


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