'The Walking Dead' Action Figures Revealed

The Walking Dead figures

"The Walking Dead" is getting a new batch of action figures based around the AMC series' recent third season. McFarlane Toys has announced that it will release its fourth batch of "The Walking Dead" tie-ins, and fans can now see a first look at what's in store.

The humans being featured this round are Andrea, the Governor and Carl, with a special two-pack being released with Merle and Daryl Dixon. The zombies that will receive action figures are the appropriately named Riot Gear Zombie and Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie.

Check out pictures of the figures below, and here's a spoiler warning for those who haven't watched season three yet.

The Walking Dead Toys

The Walking Dead Toys

The Walking Dead Toys

The individual action figures are running for $15 a piece, while the Dixon brothers will cost fans between $25 and $30, Comics Alliance reports. The figurines were made using 3D scans of each character's actor's head, so they're about as realistic as they can be. In addition to the action figure, the collectibles will come with character-specific weapons and accessories, like a duffel bag for Carl and guns for Daryl and Merle.

While Carl, the Governor and Daryl will be back on "The Walking Dead" in season four, Andrea, Merle and (of course) the walkers won't be. It's nice to see Andrea and Merle getting some action figure love even though they've joined the list of "The Walking Dead's" dearly departed.

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