Does 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Take Place In The Year 2045?

Guardians of the Galaxy

by Brett White

Marvel's film franchise may not just be heading to outer space, it seems. A new theory posited by Comic Book Movie finds Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" taking place over thirty years in the future as well as off of Earth's soil. The hunch comes from a post by the Motorcycle Industry Association stating that Marvel is looking for electric bikes with a "futuristic" look for use in a feature film shooting in England. The post clarifies that "futuristic" specifically means the year 2045.

You can see the full post here.

As if going into space wasn't far-fetched enough, now the Marvel movies are possibly tossing time travel our way. It's pretty obvious that the film in question is "Guardians of the Galaxy." It was just announced that "The Avengers 2" will be shooting in the UK next year, but I would bet on Carrot Top playing Shatterstar in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" before betting on the Avengers sequel being set in the future.

This is a surprising development for "Guardians," if it is indeed true. The comic book series is set in the present day, with the Guardians team often interacting with the modern day Avengers. It's definitely possible that the future year is a fake out. After all, the post doesn't mention the off world setting, thus implying that it's Earth in the year 2045. "Earth in 2045" could easily be "alien planet in 2014", with "futuristic" bikes actually being "alien" bikes. Just a wild guess about a wild guess.

[via Comic Book Movie]


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