MTV Movie Awards: Vote Catwoman For Best Hero


The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday, April 14th. The fate of one category, Best Hero, rests in your social-media-savvy hands. In this rousing opinion piece, Splash Page writer Ryan Rigley passionately explains why Catwoman deserves your vote.

With the 2013 MTV Movie Awards just on the horizon, we here at MTV Splash Page have been completely divided on the subject of who should win the award for Best Hero. Sure, candidates like Iron Man, Batman or even the Hulk seem like the obvious choice to make, thanks to their own feature films and TV shows. But what about the underdog? Or rather... the undercat. Yes, that's right. My vote is for Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman.

In "The Dark Knight Rises," Catwoman only steps up to the plate when it counts the most by saving both Gotham City and Batman from a fate worse than death. She doesn't ever pretend to be something that she's not, which is a quality that ever hero should have. While Selina may steal priceless diamonds and act in her own interest, she still proves herself to be a good person, managing to pull through and make the right choice despite her own questionable morality.

Before I further explain why Catwoman deserves the Best Hero award, let us first take a closer look at our two front-runners: Snow White and Bilbo Baggins. If you saw "Snow White and the Huntsman" then you'd know without a doubt that Snow White is a hero fighting for her rightful place as ruler and not really a hero fighting to save the day. As for Bilbo, he's just a small man that stole a ring from a helpless schizophrenic that lives in a cave! What could possibly be heroic about that?

Moving on to the Hulk who, let's face it, is nothing more than a giant uncontrollable rage monster. There's nothing that screams hero more than leveling an entire city. Oh wait...

In fact, the only real competitors here are Iron Man and Batman. Yet, despite the fact that they've each saved their respective cities several times over, deep down they'll always be bored, eccentric billionaires looking to break away from the monotony of being rich by roaming the streets in high tech suits of armor.

Selina Kyle is not a bored billionaire. She is but a humble jewel thief trying to make a living in a city that could very well eat her alive. On top of that, Selina can hold her own against the likes of Blackgate prisoners, lug-headed hitmen, and Bane. There's a reason why Batman has fallen so madly in love with her, and that reason is that she is the Best Hero of 2012. Do yourself a favor. #VoteCatwoman. You'll be glad you did.


You can vote for your favorite hero by including the following hashtags in your tweets on Twitter or captions on Instagram: #votebatman - #votebilbo - #votecatwoman - #votehulk - #voteironman - #votesnowwhite

Watch the action unfold on the Best Hero Movie Awards page. The 2013 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Rebel Wilson, air on Sunday, April 14th at 9/8c.