Dwayne Johnson As Luke Cage Fan Made Poster Is Awesome

Luke Cage

by Brett White

First, I have to mention that this is definitely a fan-made poster from April Fool's Day. But secondly, I have to share it because it's an awesome Photoshop job that really taps into the absolute fan-pleasing joy essential to the Marvel movies. Whether or not this would really happen (especially considering the crazy theory I came up with on Friday after it was announced that J. August Richards will be appearing on "S.H.I.E.L.D.") doesn't matter. This poster for a fake "Luke Cage" movie with action movie superstar Dwayne Johnson made up to appear like the Hero for Hire is simply awesome.

Check out the full poster below.

The picture came to my attention via Marvel Comics artist Declan Shalvey's Twitter feed. He tweeted the picture to writer Jeff Parker; those two both worked with the Luke Cage character during their great run on the comic book "Thunderbolts."

This poster is drawing specifically from the era of Luke Cage that Shalvey and Parker worked on. Let's have a look at that picture at full size.


I tried to track down who designed the fake poster, but the closest I came was a Malaysian message board. If anyone knows the mad genius behind this poster, let us know via Twitter (@mtvsplashpage).

Another fun bit to dissect: those co-stars. Who would those actors play? Assuming this is "Thunderbolts"-era Luke Cage, then I'd peg Saoirse Ronan as Songbird, Olivia Wilde as Moonstone and Bryan Cranston as John Walker (formerly U.S. Agent). Obviously Samuel L. Jackson would be Nick Fury. Maybe whoever made this poster could shed some light on those casting choices. But even if that never happens, this poster is still a lot of fun.

UPDATE: We have a credit! Mattias Fahlberg created the image, which can be found on this Deviant Art page. Thanks to @ToilesHeroiques for the help!

[via @declanshalvey]


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