'Man Of Steel': Statues Show Off General Zod And Faora

Man of Steel statues

by Brett White

So far all of the photos released from "Man Of Steel" have been pretty uneventful, mostly depicting the cast and crew behind the scenes. We've yet to get a clear shot of Michael Shannon as General Zod or Antje Traue as Faora, but these images from "Previews" are the next best thing. These "Man of Steel" statues show the two Kryptonian opponents all armored up and ready to fight.

The General Zod statue differs from his action figure; we assume the action figure duds are hiding out underneath all that bulk. The Faora statue matches up with her action figure well, just with a much higher level of detail. Also shown are statues for Superman and Jor-El, two guys that we've already seen a bit of thanks to the trailers and action figures.

Check out the full scans below.



[via Super Hero Hype]

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