'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.19, 'Unfinished Business'

Unfinished Business

by Ryan Rigley

As if psychotic killers running rampant around Starling City weren't enough, last night's "Arrow" (entitled "Unfinished Business") saw the return of the Count and the deadly drug known as Vertigo. Beginning with what might as well have been an anti-narcotics PSA, a woman dances across the floor of Club Verdant high out of her mind on Vertigo. She continues dancing all the way into oncoming traffic, then proceeds to get hit by a car.

Detective Lance shows up at Verdant, not too long after the incident, and questions both Tommy and Oliver about the woman. Tommy insists that he's never met the woman and Oliver orders Felicity to run a check on all Verdant employees to see which of them may have a drug history. Lance continues his investigation at the Starling City Asylum, where the Count is currently being held.

After visiting the Count at the Asylum, Oliver returns to the Arrowcave to inform Diggle about the new, deadlier strain of Vertigo that's been making its way around town. Diggle, who has been hunting down Floyd Lawton (a.k.a. Deadshot) in secret, points out that Oliver should have killed the Count when he had the chance. Then, Felicity walks in and turns on a breaking news report which claims that the Count has escaped from the Asylum.

Meanwhile, Detective Lance returns to the Asylum to question the doctors in charge of the Count once more. Unable to find any clues as to how he escaped, Lance and his partner exit the building. Lance's partner then reveals that the last person that the Vertigo-addled woman texted on the night of her death was Tommy. Also, there's ten thousand dollars missing from Verdant's operating expenses. With this new info, Lance heads back down to the club for questioning.

In a flashback, Shado (Yao Fei's daughter) and Slade Wilson train with each other while Oliver watches idly. As Shado gets the best of Slade, it's clear that she's had some extensive training from her father. Shado then asks if Oliver can fight, to which Slade replies "not really." She takes it upon herself to teach him martial arts, beginning his training with a simple "slap this bucket of water" exercise.

Back in Starling City, a flock of bums crowd around an open fire as several fancy cars pull up beside them. Asking for wads of cash, the bums are handed the new, deadlier strain of Vertigo. Suddenly, the vigilante shows up interrupting the deal and shooting an arrow through a huge bag of drugs. The bad guys, however, manage to get away.

Later, one of the bums (high on Vertigo) begins screaming in a crowded aquarium. Totally creeping out a young woman next to him, the bum pulls out a gun and threatens to kill everyone. Then the lights flicker off. It's the vigilante. Oliver chases the crazed bum down, attempting to inject him with the Vertigo antidote that he synthesized himself but it's too late; the bum collapses to the crowd and dies of what appears to be a drug overdose.

Detective Lance shows up at Verdant once more, this time with a search warrant. He asks Tommy about the missing ten grand, which Tommy admits he used to bribe the zoning manager. Lance, still convinced that Tommy is selling drugs out of the nightclub, insists that Oliver show him what's in the basement. Hesitantly, Oliver opens the door and brings Lance downstairs. Luckily, Tommy thought ahead and has loaded the Arrowcave with extra chairs and boxes of wine, making the Arrowcave look like an ordinary club stock room.

After Detective Lance leaves, Felicity pulls up the dead bum's autopsy report revealing that he didn't die of a drug overdose but rather of an allergic reaction to an anti-psychotic. Jumping to the conclusion that the Count has actually faked his own escape and is still operating out of the Asylum, Oliver suits up and heads across town.

Oliver breaks into the secret laboratory hidden within the depths of the Asylum only to discover that the Count has been strapped to a chair and incapacitated this entire time. Suddenly, he's hit in the head with a baseball bat. Waking up strapped to a chair of his own, Oliver realizes that the Asylum doctor and his assistant have actually been the ones selling the deadlier strain of Vertigo.

Apparently, the doctor discovered the chemical compound for Vertigo whilst reviewing the Count's biopsy. He then faked the Count's escape in order to draw suspicions away from himself. After force-feeding a glass of liquid Vertigo to Oliver, the doctor and his assistant are blown to the ground by an explosive arrow on the table next to them. Diggle shows up just in the nick of time, allowing for Oliver to break free and inject himself with his homemade Vertigo antidote.

Throwing up the gross green liquid, Oliver chases after the deranged doctor. The doctor turns to confront the vigilante, convinced that he can't shoot a single arrow whilst experiencing the Vertigo effect. Oliver then fires three arrows at once, killing the doctor instantly. Going back to check on Diggle and the Count, Oliver holds his bow up to the mad villain but then decides to let him live once more.

Later that night, Oliver returns to Verdant in order to apologize to Tommy for assuming the worst in him. However, it's too late for apologies. Tommy quits and storms out of the club. Downstairs, Diggle and Oliver discuss their next target: Floyd Lawton. With Diggle unable to move on with his life knowing that the man who killed his brother is still out there, Oliver has decided that Deadshot is their top priority. On the other side of town, Tommy marches into his dad's office asking for a job. Malcolm Merlyn flashes an evil smile.

Is it just me or is this show getting better and better each week? Not only do we still have both the Count and Deadshot to look out for, but now there are two evil Merlyns roaming the streets of Starling City. Granted, Tommy's devolution has only just begun but you know what they say; the evil apple doesn't fall far from the evil tree. There's also the matter of the flashback to look forward to as well. We still don't know what Edward Fires is planning or how Shado will turn Oliver Queen into a killing machine. Hopefully, we'll be seeing a little more of that side of the "Arrow" coin in next week's episode!

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