'Fantastic Four' Reboot To Begin Filming In September

Fantastic Four

by Brett White

According to a tweet, director Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot is set to begin filming in Vancouver this September. The tweet comes courtesy of @lemon_buzz (a.k.a. Lindsay), a Vancouver native who may or may not have the inside info on Marvel's First Family. The tweet simply states pre-production has started for a September shoot, followed by hashtags shouting out yvrshoots (a website dedicated to Vancouver film and television shoots) and @olv (a Twitter account dedicated to information about film and television shooting locations). Lindsay followed up her initial tweet, saying that "Fantastic Four" is "just starting to hire [their] crew now." If you're in Vancouver, be on the lookout. The full tweet can be seen below.

Things have been relatively quiet for "Fantastic Four." The only casting news I've heard has been the rumor about Noel Fisher playing Johnny Storm. Of course, Nick Offerman has gone on the record to state how much he wants to play the Thing. Hopefully Josh Trank has listened to that episode of the WTF podcast.

So far the reboot has Matthew Vaughn on board as a producer, a screenplay by Jeremy Slater with a polish by Seth Grahame-Smith, and Josh Trank as the director. It's about time some casting announcements were made, and one of them had better be Nick Offerman.

"Fantastic Four" is expected in theaters in March 2015.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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