'The Walking Dead' Casting 'Roy Stark' In Season Four

The Walking Dead

A new character will soon be joining the cast of "The Walking Dead." Hot off the heels of the season three finale -- and the news that David Morrissey's the Governor will be returning in season four as a series regular -- it's been announced that AMC is looking for an actor to play a new character named Roy Stark.

According to TVLine, AMC is looking to make "Roy Stark" a series regular as well. He is described as "a former army medic who is deeply haunted by his past -- pre- and post-zombie apocalypse. As a result, he’s a bit of a loner, although he maintains a charming/self-deprecating/confident public face." This would call for an actor in his early 30s to mid 40s.

There's no character named Roy Stark in "The Walking Dead" comics, so it's being speculated that the name is actually a cover up for the real character who is being cast. Many think that Roy is actually Abraham Ford, which we guess would be confirmed if the actor who is cast to play him is red headed.

Of course, "The Walking Dead" also could just be adding a new character to the mythology like it did with Daryl, Merle, T-Dog and Milton. It is interesting that casting for Roy has begun so soon after season three ended, as "The Walking Dead" likely won't return to AMC until October. It seems like Roy could have a pretty significant role in season four.

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