Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: New Featurette And Concept Art Will Blow Your Mind

by Brett White

Remember that one minute taste we gave you yesterday of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase Two featurette? Remember all the GIFs from “Thor: The Dark World” that popped up? Remember being blown away by that “Guardians of the Galaxyconcept art? Well, we finally have a look at the proud poppa of all those news items. The full five-minute featurette has arrived via Comic Book Movie and it’s essential viewing.

The first three minutes cover “Iron Man 3,” with new interviews and behind the scenes footage about the upcoming film, and the last two dive into the rest of Phase Two, with a taste of Phase Three’s “Ant-Man” thrown in as well. Check out the full featurette and tons of new concept art, featuring detailed looks at Ant-Man, the Winter Soldier, Rocket Raccoon and Falcon, below.

Embedded from

Wow, right? A lot of the concept art flies by. Luckily, there are screen captures. Prepare yourself.

Which character design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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