'Iron Man 3' Junior Novelization Reveals Key Plot Details

Iron Man 3

"Iron Man 3" might be a month away from hitting theaters, but a junior novelization of the story has already been released. Some stills from the new book have been posted online that reveal key plot points from the upcoming movie.

Obviously if you're looking to avoid spoilers you'd be advised to not click below the jump. But the images that @antovolk (via Comic Book Movie) posted do reveal an interesting direction that "Iron Man 3" is headed in. Check them out after the break.

There are some big reveals going on in these pictures. First up, there's newcomer Ty Simpkins as Tony Stark's new child ally Harley. It seems like Harley will help Tony repair his Iron Man suit after he gets attacked and left in the snow, as has been seen in many "Iron Man 3" trailers.


It's also revealed that Pepper Potts gets pitched on Extremis by Aldrich Killian, and Happy Hogan is not sold on the idea.

Happy Pepper

As for Rebecca Hall's Maya Hansen, she is described as an "old friend" of Tony's. We interpret that as "old love interest," which could lead to some interesting romantic tension between Hall, Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Maya Hansen

Lastly, here's another shot of Iron Patriot.

Iron Patriot

"Iron Man 3" is due in theaters on May 3.

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