'Man Of Steel': General Zod Mask Will Give You Nightmares

Man of steel

by Brett White

Costume Craze has listed a costume from "Man of Steel" for the annual post-Easter Halloween costume rush (note: this is not a thing that happens). If you or your child want to dress up as the guy that throws down with Superman, then this General Zod costume is definitely for you. And if you just want something to absolutely terrify everyone with eyeballs, this mask is definitely for you. For those of you wishing to remain spoiler-free, you should know that the terrifying mask is not of actor Michael Shannon's face, but rather something that General Zod will apparently be wearing in "Man of Steel" - hopefully for a split second before taking it off and throwing it into space where human eyes can never again be tormented by it.

UPDATE: Images removed at the request of the studio.

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