'Man Of Steel' Figures Reveal Possible Plot Points

Man of Steel figures

by Brett White

An elite cabal of action figure sellers have come across the first assortment of "Man of Steel" figures and set their plan in motion: selling them on ebay! Okay, so that's not that nefarious of a plot. And the "elite cabal" business was probably hyperbole. Whatever the case, their actions have given us our first peek at the toy packaging and, yes, character bios for Superman, General Zod and Jor-El.

Each back story is pretty much what anyone with a basic knowledge of Superman would come up with. Superman's parents sent him away from the dying Krypton and he grew up in Smallville. General Zod was imprisoned in the phantom zone (surprisingly not capitalized). Jor-El is Superman's dad and, also, Russell Crowe. It all seems like harmless info, but there could be a turn of phrase that could be considered a spoiler depending on how deep your Superman knowledge runs and how cautious you are about spoilers. Your call, reader! Check out the toy packaging below.


General Zod


[via Comic Book Movie]

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