'Man Of Steel': New Trailer To Possibly Debut At CinemaCon


by Brett White

If you are a theater owner or operator, get ready to see some new "Man of Steel" footage during this year's CinemaCon (and if you aren't an owner or operator, start working towards that promotion now!). The event lasts from April 15th-18th. Comic Book.com broke the news after some snooping around. Apparently April 16th is the rumored date for a new "Man of Steel" trailer, which coincidentally is the same date as Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon. Word is that some Superman footage will be shown in the presentation, along with footage from all of Warner Bros. other big summer movies.

Since the event is pretty much closed off to fans, it might take a few days for the trailer to arrive online. As for the trailer's theatrical debut, odds are it'll be in front of the Tom Cruise sci-fi film "Oblivion."

The Zack Snyder directed film had a flurry of news items around it a few weeks ago thanks to a cover feature in Total Film Magazine. But now it's been over three months since the last trailer and pretty much everyone's been talking only about "The Wolverine" this week thanks to that film's two trailers. "Man of Steel" opens in the United States on June 14th, so expect the promotion machine to rev up soon.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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