'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.18, 'Salvation'

Arrow Salvation

by Ryan Rigley

As if there weren't enough psychotic justice-seekers roaming the streets of Starling City, last night's episode of "Arrow" introduced us to another crazed vigilante inspired by Oliver Queen's hooded heroics. "Salvation" begins with a news report about John Nickel, one of the wealthiest real estate developers in the city and also one of the dirtiest. Hooding up, Oliver heads over to Nickel's penthouse only to find that he's been kidnapped by a madman who calls himself the Savior.

SPOILERS (and kissing) AHEAD!

On the bad side of town, Thea Queen and Roy Harper furiously make out in Roy's trailer. As one of Roy's hoodlum friends shows up, Thea discovers a small handgun that Roy intends on using to hold up a local liquor store. Fed up with Roy's small-time criminal escapades, Thea storms out of the trailer with Roy chasing after her.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle share a meal at the local burger joint and discuss where Nickel could possibly be. Suddenly, as if on cue, all of the smart phones in the immediate vicinity start going off. Diggle pulls up a link that Felicity forwarded to him, which leads to a video of John Nickel bound, gagged, and covered in blood. A voice off camera finds Nickel guilty and sentences him to death. The whole diner watches as John Nickel is shot to death. Oliver is not happy.

The next day, Thea approaches Laurel asking her for advice on dating bad boys. Laurel begins to advise her, but is then interrupted by the Chinese Embassy. As she picks up the phone, we learn that she's found the whereabouts of the girl that resembles her deceased sister in the photo that her mother gave her in last week's episode. In fact, it just so happens that she currently resides in the United States.

Next on the Savior's list is Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan. As another live streaming video pops up on the Arrowcave computer, Felicity finally manages to track the Savior's IP address. Oliver hops on his motorcycle and heads across town. Soon, the Savior's location shifts to a couple of rooftops over sending Oliver Queen into a parkour frenzy that eventually leads him to an empty construction site. Sadly, Oliver is too late and Carnahan is also shot to death in front of the entire Internet.

In a flashback, Oliver and Slade Wilson meet up with Edward Fires with the intentions of trading the missile launcher's circuit board for a way off of the island. Instead, Fires brings out Yao Fei's daughter and threatens to kill her if they don't cough up the circuit board.

At Laurel's office, Laurel's parents show up to discuss the girl in the photo. It turns out that she's not Laurel's dead sister, Sarah, as Laurel has also invited the girl to her office to show her parents that they're crazy for believing that Sarah is still alive. Laurel's mother cries a lot.

Over in the Glades, Thea shows up on Roy's doorstep to talk. As Roy storms off, a strange silhouetted man sticks him with a needle causing Roy to faint instantly. Thea screams, but is then knocked out by the silhouetted man's fist.

At Verdant, Tommy and Oliver watch the television as another breaking news bulletin is broadcast. This time, the Savior's victim is someone that they recognize: Roy Harper. Thea bursts into the club, crying hysterically. Oliver promises his sister that he won't be hurt, then heads down to the Arrowcave to get a clue as to the Savior's whereabouts.

As Felicity carefully studies the map of Starling City, Diggle realizes that the previous two locations of the Savior's broadcasts were defunct subway stops. Oliver and company realize that the Savior is broadcasting from a moving subway car, which is why Oliver had trouble finding him previously. With this new-found information, Oliver suits up and heads in for battle.

Busting through a subway grate, Oliver spots the train off in the distance. As the Savior asks Roy to plead for his life, Roy insists that the madman just do everyone a favor and kill him already. Then, just as he's about to pull the trigger, Oliver shows up and beats the crap out of him. Roy manages to free himself from his restraints, but not before Oliver is forced to shoot an arrow through the Savior's chest.

Back at Verdant, Thea cries for her lost love before getting a text message from Roy telling her to turn around. The two hug and kiss passionately and Oliver realizes they are more than just friends. Roy breaks away from Thea momentarily and pulls a fragment of an arrow from his pants pocket.

Meanwhile, Moira and Frank, a representative of the Triads, meet in private about the assassination attempt on Malcolm Merlyn. Moira doesn't want Malcolm to discover that she put out the hit. Suddenly, Frank is arrowed to death by the Dark Archer, who we all know is secretly Malcolm Merlyn. Moira makes it seem like the hit was put out by Asian Frank and the Dark Archer decides to let her live. For now.

Well, let me be the first to say that Oliver Queen and Roy Harper did not do as much interacting as I would have liked to see in last night's episode. Hell, they didn't even say anything to each other. However, now that Oliver knows that Roy is dating his littler sister, I'm sure that that introduction will be coming soon enough. Also, now that Roy has seen the Hood in action and had a near-death experience, maybe he'll finally decide to be a better, more heroic person. Come on, Speedy! We know you have it in you!

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