'The Wolverine' Trailers: 20 Must-See Moments

by Brett White

The unofficial "Wolverine" week continues here on Splash Page with two, yes two, full-length trailers for this summer's mutant movie. These trailers have everything we expected to see (ninjas) and more (more ninjas!). It was actually hard to narrow all of the must-see moments from these two trailers down to 20, so you'll definitely want to rewatch the trailers a million times to catch everything.

Here are 20 must-see moments from "The Wolverine" trailers!

» Somebody get Wolverine some hair product, stat!

» We all know from the first X-Men film that Wolverine plus bar equals property damage.

» Wolverine carries a photo of Jean Grey with him, which had better not be the only appearance by Famke Janssen in this film.

» Look at that eye roll. Yukio don't got time for that!

» Here's another shot of Yukio (Rila Fukushima) as she leads shaggy Wolverine onto a plane. Good thing that's a private jet, because there's no way she'd get that katana through airport security.

» Both Shingen and Mariko Yashida appear in the film (we're getting to them in a sec), and it appears that the family runs a tech empire specializing in phones. This isn't exactly true in the comics, but it's a very nice touch.

» And this is the moment that proves that "The Wolverine" is going to look unlike any previous superhero movie.

» From what we gathered from the trailer, Wolverine was held in a POW camp in Japan where Shingen (Hiroyuki Sanada) was stationed. Then Wolverine saved him from a nuclear explosion. While attempts to connect new characters to established ones through a previously unknown flashback sequence usually seems forced, this one fits in perfectly with Wolverine's background and gives the story an added heft without being implausible.

» Apparently Shingen Yashida uses all of the sleep numbers.

» This is our first look at Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) in the trailer. She looks like a legitimate doctor in this image.

» Here's a moment we glimpsed way back in the teaser. Yukio knows how to thread the needle.

» The trailer's big bombshell (aside from the nuclear one) is that Shingen has promised to rid Wolverine of his healing factor, thus ending his tormented Jean Grey-less existence. Here's Wolverine, dealing with an open wound for the first time in a while.

» Here's the over the shoulder shot of Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee) that we first saw in the Vine teaser.

» Hmmm... Viper's not looking too doctor-y here. I'm starting to doubt her license to practice medicine...


» Boom. Ninjas. Eighty percent of the movie could be Wolverine sobbing to a picture of Jean Grey while his hair slowly grows and it would still be awesome because of this one scene. The Marvel movies have been suffering from a serious ninja deficiency.

» This is the first head-on shot of the Silver Samurai and, gotta say, he looks pretty menacing.

» The mystery location of Wolverine's knife fight has been revealed! Wolverine and a mystery antagonist are duking it out on a Japanese bullet train, most likely after Wolverine gets a bullet to the gut.

» There isn't much footage of Mariko Yashida (Tao Okamoto) in either trailer, but here she is, staring into Wolverine's eyes in the rain. You know they're falling in love, too, because that's what happens when it rains in movies.

» The archer-mania that gripped 2012 is still clinging on in 2013, with this shot of an unnamed assassin seemingly taking aim at a fleeing Wolverine and Mariko (of course that could just be clever editing).

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