'Red 2' Is 'Really Fun' Says Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

Red 2

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is giving "Red 2" his stamp of approval. In a new interview, the producer promised plenty of comedy in the upcoming "Red" sequel.

"It’s really fun, it’s really good. I think the best measure of it is that all the cast members that we added -- Byung Hun, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins, David Thewlis -- we added some really great actors and they really killed it. So I think we made, I say 'a richer broth,'" di Bonaventura told Collider. "And [director] Dean [Parisot] has a great sense of comedy and there’s just some laugh-out-loud funny stuff in it."

"Red 2's" release date recently got bumped up from August 2 to July 19, a move that di Bonaventura called "a good sign." But he's going to reserve judgment on how good their movie is until an audience gets to see it.

"We haven’t previewed it to an audience yet, so until an audience votes, you know -- as a filmmaker I think it’s really hard to tell you, 'Wow, it’s the best movie I’ve ever made!'" he said. "I really love it, but you never know what it’s gonna feel like until you show it to an audience, which is next week."

"Red 2" will face off against another comic book adaptation, "R.I.P.D.," when it hits theaters in July. It also will likely get some Comic-Con love, since that event runs from July 17 to 21. "Red 2" follows Bruce Willis' character Frank Moses and his companions as they take their operation international, with mayhem planned for London, Paris and Moscow.

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