'Iron Man 3' Mark XXXIII And Mark XL Armors Revealed

Mark 33

Two of Tony Stark's newest Iron Man suits have been revealed. The "Iron Man 3" Facebook page unveiled the images as part of the "Armor Unlock" contest it is holding.

First we have the Mark XXXIII, or "Silver Centurion," pictured above. This "Enhanced Energy Suit" looks similar to the classic Iron Man armor that fans have come to know. It is a bit sleeker, though, and looks to have a bit stronger defenses. In the comics, the Silver Centurion featured protection from physical attacks and things such as acid, electricity and radiation. It was also the suit that Stark used to defeat the Mandarin, who Ben Kingsley portrays in "Iron Man 3".


Then there's the Mark XL, or "Shotgun." This one is a "Hyper Velocity Suit," meaning that it's meant to travel much faster than any of the other suits in Stark's entourage. It looks far different than anything we've seen him wear before, with it's seemingly unpainted exterior and differently shaped mask. It seems like Stark is going for functionality over fashion here.

These are only two of Tony Stark's new army of fighting suits, dubbed the Iron Legion. Hopefully there will be some sort of great montage in "Iron Man 3" showing Stark putting these bad boys together. "Iron Man 3" hits theaters on May 3."

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