'Wolverine' 20 Second Teaser Debuts Online

by Brett White

We know you're ready for more footage from "The Wolverine" after yesterday's six second Vine video, so hurry up and watch fourteen more seconds of footage. Ready? Go!

Are you pumped? We gotta say, after seeing the film's summer superhero peers ("Man of Steel" and "Iron Man 3") drop trailers left and right, it's pretty great to finally get some "Wolverine" footage. This teaser expands a little bit on things we got a millisecond of yesterday and features a lot more of a pretty intense Yukio-centric fight scene. The teaser also doles out some of the film's plot points, some that can't be found in the source material. It seems like Wolverine's past as an extreme lab experiment will factor into this film, but to what degree remains unclear. "What they did to me, what I am, can't be undone," the leading mutant growls in the trailer. Just trust the guy! It can't be undone! Leave him alone!

The full trailer is still lurking out there, just waiting to pounce. We hope it sheds further light on some of the moments we discussed earlier, specifically how much screen time Famke Janssen is getting as Jean Grey.

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