'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Oscorp Security Strikes A Pose

Oscorp Security

by Brett White

"Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Marc Webb has posted another set photo from the sequel's Oscorp location, thus cementing the 35th day of shooting's place in Twitter's memory banks. The photo shows a group of Oscorp security guards and Cal McCrystal (in a to-be-determined role) just hangin' out on set, posing like Oscorp's official boy band. One thing's for sure: these guards appear to be a lot less armored up than their peers over at the Ravencroft Institute. In fact, we wouldn't mind hanging out with these guys. This is our first look at the sequel's Oscorp set, which looks fairly industrial and not unlike a prison in this one shot.

Check out the full tweet below.

Well, if they'll literally kill us, maybe we don't wanna hang out with them. Looks can be deceiving!

Oscorp is the company run by Norman Osborn, portrayed by Chris Cooper in the sequel. Oscorp was also featured prominently in last year's "The Amazing Spider-Man," being both the workplace of Dr. Curt Conners and birthplace of Spider-Man. With both Norman and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) set to play a prominent role in the film, just how much more of Oscorp will we be seeing in the coming weeks?

[via @MarcW on Twitter]

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