'Dredd' Short Film More Likely Than A Sequel


There won't be a "Dredd" sequel coming out any time soon, but there could be a "Dredd" short film.

Adi Shankar recently held a Reddit AMA where he talked about how it's "highly unlikely" a feature-length "Dredd" sequel will be made. He blamed that on the fact the movie "totally bombed," but did say that he's not done in the universe. When fans started talking about making a Kickstarter for a "Dredd" sequel, Shankar admitted, "I am working on a Dredd short film though so look out for that."

Shankar did something similar when he made the 2012 "Punisher" short film "#DirtyLaundry," so this isn't completely out of left field. The producer didn't elaborate on whether the "Dredd" short will act as a sequel, feature the same actors as "Dredd" or even have anything to do with the first movie.

In addition, Shankar said he would be interested in directing a new "Spawn" film "with our without Jamie Foxx." "Todd McFarlane is a friend of mine and we have literally been talking about doing this movie for 4 years now," Shankar wrote. "Harass him and tell him to finally give me the rights... I'd make a dope Spawn film..."

Would you want to see a "Dredd" short film? Are you disappointed that a feature film sequel won't be made? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!