'Wolverine' Vine Teaser: 9 Blink-And-Miss 'Em Moments


by Brett White

It looks like "The Wolverine" is making up for lost time, and we are completely fine with that! Today alone we've covered new images from the film showing off Wolverine and most of his supporting cast, the new posters showing an appropriately enraged Hugh Jackman, and the just-released teaser for tomorrow's trailer. This has been a big day for Wolverine, and things don't seem to be slowing down.

But of all the updates, the Vine video featuring six looping seconds of footage is claws-down the most exciting news of the day. They managed to cram a lot into those six seconds, and we've found the best moments that you if you blinked, you may have missed.


» Famke Janssen pops up for a millisecond in the Vine, no doubt reprising her role as Jean Grey. This could be footage from "X-Men: The Last Stand," specifically from her and Wolverine's final moments. That's likely, as director James Mangold has said that Jean Grey's tragic end haunts Wolverine in this new film. But remember those rumors about Janssen appearing in "The Wolverine"? And Jackman even said there's a cameo from a former X-Man. So even if this is recycled footage, its inclusion could be a sign that there's unfinished business between Jean and Wolverine.


» This is the Vine's sole shot of Silver Samurai. Even though it's from behind and just over his shoulder, we have to say that Silver Samurai's looking pretty good. Let's hope there's more action for this character in the full trailer.


» It looks as if Wolverine will be doing some aerial derring-do in the film, and this one guy is there to make sure it hurts. Are they hanging off a jet? The side of a building? We'll have to wait a little longer to know for sure.


» Viper gets her fangs in Wolverine in the video. Here she is standing next to Wolverine, who has been hooked up to... something. The split-second scene after this one is of Viper's finger pressing a button, so it looks like the bad guys are after something only Wolverine has (adamantium, a healing factor, a certain charm?).


» This one image leads us to believe that things won't always go Wolverine's way in the film. Sure, dangling/climbing out of some sort of insane fire-ball-pit might sound like fun until you see someone else doing it. Judging by the look on Logan's face, it's not all that much fun.


» We've seen Wolverine sporting fancy duds in a few previous photos, and here he is popping his claws. The Vine actually gives us a number of claw-poppin' shots, but this one is easily the snazziest.


» The Vine is bookended by shots of Wolverine fiercely squaring off with a mystery opponent against a blue-lit backdrop. This is hopefully just a taste of the interesting visuals that director James Mangold has lined up. As for the opponent, he could be Lord Shingen or an unmasked Silver Samurai.


» Surprise attack in broad daylight!


» It looks as if whatever Wolverine is hanging from in the third image lets him down, literally. The Vine closes out with a shot of a ready-to-rumble Wolverine falling headfirst towards us, with the (presumably) Japanese skyline zipping by him.

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