‘The Walking Dead’ Prepares For ‘Welcome To The Tombs’

The season three finale for “The Walking Dead” is finally less than a week away. Rick and the Governor will seemingly finally face off in “Welcome to the Tombs,” and some promos for the upcoming episode have popped up online. Spoilers from last night’s episode lurk ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

In a 30-second teaser for episode 16 of season three, it is revealed that the Governor will continue to torture Andrea as he prepares to assault the Prison. Michonne doesn’t seem to be too happy with Rick now that she’s found out he considered turning her over to the Governor even though he tells her, “You’re one of us,” and the Governor rallies his troops in Woodbury for the upcoming battle. The Woodbury leader certainly has the right artillery for the attack too, as one of his fighters can be seen shooting a rocket launcher at one of the Prison’s watchtowers.

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