Original Spider-Man Costume Not Returning For 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Amazing Spider-Man Costume

by Brett White

Contrary to what was reported last week, the re-designed Spider-Man suit featured in "The Amazing Spider-Man" and worn by stunt man William Spencer will not be returning in the sequel. The confusion started when Andrew Garfield's stunt man William Spencer tweeted a picture of himself in last year's costume, leading pretty much everyone to assume it was taken during the film's current shoot on location in New York City. But that assumption has proven false, as shown below.

This actually doesn't mean that the suit won't be in director Marc Webb's follow-up film, it just means that our previous confirmation was false. Fans took to the sequel's redesigned duds immediately when they were spotted on location last month.

Twitter has been responsible for breaking pretty much every bit of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" news, with director Marc Webb updating fans constantly on the film's shooting progress. His Twitter feed has provided pictures of every thing from Ravencroft's logo to actor Colm Feore's first official photo on set.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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