'Wolverine': New Images And Quotes From Entertainment Weekly

Wolverine Mariko

by Brett White

We'll be getting out first look at footage from James Mangold's "The Wolverine" soon, but first comes a whole mess of new images and quotes to whet your appetite. The quotes come from Entertainment Weekly via Comic Book Movie, and feature director James Mangold touching on everything from Wolverine's supporting cast to his state of mind.

"He realizes everyone he loves dies, and his whole life is full of pain. So it's better that he just escapes. He can't die really. He just wants to get away from everything."

Entertainment Weekly also released eight new stills, which can be seen below alongside their accompanying quotes. First comes the lone solo image of Wolverine.


The next image depicts Wolverine seemingly escorting Mariko Yashida, played by Tao Okamoto. Mangold touches upon Logan's love interest, saying, "At the time this movie opens, there's a kind of gangland war going on between law enforcement and the Yakuza, and there's been a lot of kidnappings and extortion. So [Mariko's] someone who's under threat."


A pair of images spotlight one of the film's antagonists, Viper. Svetlana Khodchenkova may not have Madame Hydra's signature green locks, but the rest of her look is pulled straight from the source material. Mangold says, "As her name would imply, she's kind of snakelike. She likes to play with toxins. She's immune to toxins. She's kind of formidable. Viper views Logan like a great hunter might view hunting a lion in his quarry. There's kind of an admiration, a desire to destroy and a desire to consume and to have and to hold."


Viper & Logan

If we're judging by these images alone, it would seem that Yukio, played by Rila Fukushima, is poised to play a prominent role in the film. Mangold's quote doesn't sway us from this assumption. "I would say [Wolverine and Yukio] have a unique relationship. She's lethal herself. She's a tremendous fighter... I think she's both sexy and almost kind of sprung from the anime world. It's a real badass character."




The final image captures the film's dynamic duo, Wolverine and Yukio, looking formal.

Yukio & Logan

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