'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Stunt Man Sports Original Spidey Suit


by Brett White

People went ga-ga over Spider-Man's new costume, set to debut in "Amazing Spider-Man 2." The new costume is quite faithful to the source material, somehow managing to put the old super-accurate Sam Raimi-era costume to shame. But not so fast, new costume fans! The redesigned duds from the first film are apparently making at least a cameo in the new film.

Andrew Garfield's stunt double William Spencer has Tweeted a picture of him wearing the familiar costume on the set of "Amazing Spider-Man 2." Check out the picture below.

Spider-Man stunt double

Spider-Man News, the site that first reported the pic, theorizes that director Marc Webb will work Spidey's new suit into the story and give Peter Parker a reason to change up his look. As long as the new suit gets plenty of screen time, we're fine with that.

Because that new suit looks great.

UPDATE: This photo has been identified as being from the first Spider-Man film's shoot.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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