'Man Of Steel': Henry Cavill Poses For New ALA Poster To Promote Reading

Man of Steel

by Brett White

It turns out that Superman also stands for reading in addition to truth and justice. "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill can be seen posing with a copy of 2012's "Superman Annual" #1 on a poster for the American Library Association. A copy of the poster can be purchased on the organization's website, making it a perfect purchase for librarians and English teachers that are more than a little tired of "Hang In There Kitty" motivational posters.

Check out the poster below.

Superman ALA

It's a little jarring to see Cavill all cleaned up after seeing him as a scruffy fisherman in trailers and promotional images. But jarring in a good way, because this is a cause worthy of Superman's attention.

[via Nerdage]

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