'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Has A 'Real Star Wars Vibe'


by Brett White

A new report from Bleeding Cool mentions that prop sculptor Brian Muir is busy at Pinewood Studios working on "Guardians of the Galaxy." Why is Brian Muir such a big deal? When you're the guy that sculpted Darth Vader's mask, co-created the Space Jockey for "Alien" and worked on the Ark of the Covenant prop for "Raiders of the Lost Ark," you get to be a big deal. For life.

"We’re told that there’s something of a Star Wars vibe to the plans for Guardians," Bleeding Cool states, "and Muir’s appointment is a nice manifestation of this."

Muir shied away from specifying exactly what he was working on, but odds are its Star-Lord's mask. Chris Pratt will be the man behind Star-Lord's mask, which has become synonymous with the character since it debuted in 2007's "Annihilation: Conquest" event. The helmet is of alien origin, given to Peter Quill by the Kree. The helmet helps Peter Quill perform his Star-Lord duties by analyzing strategy, improving his vision and regulating oxygen when the leader finds himself in space.

Bleeding Cool hasn't been the only one to liken "Guardians of the Galaxy" to Star Wars. Jim Sturgess, who auditioned for the role of Star-Lord, told the Huffington Post, "It's up in space and the character was a space pirate of some sort so it was much more in the vein of Han Solo rather than just dressing up in a tight fitting suit."

We have to admit that all of this Star Wars talk has us optimistic about "Guardians." The Marvel films so far have put pure adventure ahead of sound science, so it makes sense for the film to skew more "Wars" than "Trek." We'll have to wait until 2014 to see just how accurate these early tonal descriptions are.

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