Gwyneth Paltrow Addresses 'Iron Man 3' Spoilers

Pepper Potts

by Brett White

For those of you actively trying to go into "Iron Man 3" with only the barest of knowledge, look away now, because here there be spoilers. Comic Book Movie has quotes from an unspecified media outlet wherein lead actress Gwyneth Paltrow confronts some rumors we previously mentioned in another spoiler-ful article. Consider yourself warned, because we're in the spoiler zone from here on out.


Gwyneth Paltrow has confirmed that she will indeed be suiting up alongside Iron Man and War Machine in "Iron Man 3," following in her comic book counterpart's footsteps (Pepper originally donned the Rescue armor in 2009).

"I didn’t mind wearing the suit at all," she said, thus proving true what were previously rumors. "I thought it was light and perfectly comfortable and my children thought I was extremely cool. They were here on a day where I was in it, so they were trying it on and when my son saw me in the suit, he had the biggest eyes, so it was definitely worth it."

No pictures of Paltrow in armor have surfaced yet and we can't confirm whether or not she'll be addressed as Rescue in any way, but this is pretty exciting news. Pepper has been a great character from the get-go and her onscreen chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. has been one of the greatest things to come out any Marvel film. This is a great leap forward for the character and we can only hope that it leads to Pepper taking flight in the comics again.

For the brave that made the jump here to Spoilerville, we feel its our duty to inform you that Super Hero Hype has even more spoilers about "Iron Man 3," taken from the same mysterious media outlet. The site says these interviews were sent out by Marvel themselves, in a rare instance of the company just showing us the majority of the cards in their hands.

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