'Iron Man 3': Mandarin Has A New Weapon In Russian Poster

Mandarin US Poster

by Brett White

A newly released Russian poster for "Iron Man 3" has done a reverse-"Thumbs & Ammo" with their depiction of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin. The poster swaps out Mandarin's relaxed right hand for one holding a hand gun ("Thumbs & Ammo" switches out gun-holding hands in iconic films for thumbs-up-giving hands).

You can check out the full poster below, and be sure to compare it to its American counterpart. It's worth noting that the Mandarin's American poster actually crops out Kingsley's right hand entirely, but a wider shot featured as a promotional image shows his empty right hand in full.

Mandarin Russian Poster

Did the ridiculous amount of bullets and firearm casually leaning on his leg not do enough to sell Kingsley as a bad guy?

[via Comic Book Movie]

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