'The Dark Knight': Is There Anything Wrong With It?


Got a bone to pick with "The Dark Knight"? The folks at CinemaSins did, and they put together a video highlighting everything they found wrong with Christopher Nolan's second Batman movie in just four minutes.

How did no one notice the Joker driving through a hole in a bank in the middle of Gotham City? Where did the Tumbler come from when it drives into that parking structure to capture Scarecrow (again)? And how did the Joker perfectly time the bombs to go off with Harvey Dent and Rachel when he had no idea when the other events surrounding his capture would take place? Don't expect any answers in here, but instead for the "sins" against "The Dark Knight" to pile up.

Sure, "The Dark Knight" has its problems, but as defenders of arguably the best installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy, we can't help but find the majority of these 43 complaints to be nitpicky. Okay, Batman probably didn't need four monitors to watch the Joker's broadcast, but who cares? It looks cool, and we're sure those other screens do different things when they're not helping Batman save Gotham City from evil clowns.

"The Dark Knight" might have been sentenced with "Die a hero (live long enough to be the villain)" by CinemaSins, but we're going to give the movie a pass this time. After all, it's just so fun to watch! But if we're going to talk about everything wrong with "The Dark Knight Rises," that's a different story -- and we'll probably need more than 4 minutes to fit everything in.

[via Slashfilm]

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