'Iron Man 3': New Minimates Revealed

Iron Man 3 Minimates

by Brett White

Make a tiny bit of room on your shelves for these new "Iron Man 3" Minimates. Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have announced two more additions to their series of 2" mini figures based on the upcoming Marvel Comics film. For those of you not yet fully obsessed with the toy line, Minimates offer faithful-yet-stylized renditions of everything from classic film characters to the most obscure Marvel characters, all complete with interchangeable parts. And did we mention how tiny they are? You can amass a serious collection before they even make a dent in your already-too-crowded living space! As expected, the "Iron Man 3" line is shaping up quite nicely, starting with these two figures.

Iron Man Minimate

The first one is a new version of Tony Stark, fresh from the "Iron Man 3" trailer. He will be one of four figures available exclusively at Toys 'R' Us and will be packaged with a mystery figure (solve the mystery with your wallet!).

Extremis Soldier

The second figure announced is an Extremis Soldier, which gives us another piece of "Iron Man 3's" plot puzzle. Can we assume that this is one of the guys underneath all of those suits of armor at the end of the trailer? It looks like being an Extremis Soldier isn't that great for your complexion. That is, unless those red marks are blood, in which case Extremis Soldier should seriously reconsider his profession.

The "Iron Man 3" assortments will hit stores in April.

[via Comics Alliance]

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